An Experience for the Senses

Step into our farmhouse and embark on a culinary journey through the flavors of Maharashtra, where traditional recipes come alive with a modern twist. Delight your taste buds with authentic Maharashtrian dishes crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients bursting with bold spices and aromatic herbs. From the spicy delights of Mutton Bhakari and Vade to the rich flavors of Puran Poli and Ukdiche Modak, our menu showcases the diverse culinary heritage of the region. Savor every bite amidst a warm and inviting ambience, where attentive service ensures a memorable dining experience steeped in Maharashtrian hospitality.

  • Breakfast: 8.30 am – 11.00 am (daily)

  • Lunch: 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm (daily)

  • High Tea: 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm (daily)

  • Dinner: 6.30 pm - 10.00 pm (daily)


Prior order needs to be placed at the time of booking

  • What kind of food experience can I expect?
    We lovee delicious, home cooked food and strive to serve the same to our guests.
  • When do I place food orders?
    We request food orders at the time of booking which will be prepared especially for you since we don't have a regular restaurant facility.
  • Can we order food when we visit instead?
    We do try to accomodate last minute orders but cannot guarantee availablity in such cases.
  • Which oil do you use for cooking?
    We use only refined oil for cooking food. As a health policy, we will never use palm oil for cooking.
  • Do you use food colouring?
    We do not use any food colours in any of our preparations.
  • Do you offer Jain food?
    Yes, food preferences are considered if intimated at the time of booking.
  • Someone in our group has an allergy to an ingredient. What should we do?
    We request you to inform us about any food allergies at the time of booking.